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Hey Albuquerque! We just moved to your great town. My name is Ryan Crandall and I've been in the fitness and rehab industry for over 15 years. Whether your goal is to lose weight, lose inches, improve mobility/flexibility, decrease risk of injury, improve eating habits, or enhance balance...we can do it! We help YOU regain YOUR health back...yes YOU can be in complete control of your health. How do we do it? We'll sit down and discuss your history, goals, schedule, and see how TRULY committed you are. After all, NO TRAINER can help you if you aren't willing to do your part! With that, we will find out WHY you want to make changes...what is your INTERNAL motivation? Second, we'll chat about the importance of eating a whole food diet, getting adequate rest, optimal breathing and other aspects of wellness that will help you go beyond being healthy....THRIVE! Finally, we will get to work. We'll start slow, we will find your weak links and make them bullet proof. The work will be challenging yet exhilarating! Believe it or not, we will have FUN. Fun is a concept that is very foreign to many in this industry, but a very EFFECTIVE way to produce LONG TERM results. Are you in it for just the short term or would you prefer PERMANENT CHANGE? Are you ready for the NEW YOU? We only accept new clients who are ready and willing to make a profound change in their lives, there are NO shortcuts! There are no special fad diets! Diets are NOT smart and are 90% IN-effective, so don't play those awful odds. Maximizing nutrition, focusing on adequate sleep/recovery, and complimenting that with intense yet fun & complex exercise is how it is done. It would be an honor to help GUIDE you along your path. Space is very limited, so contact us today! Let's do this!


In home and In Office or at our Studio Personal Training|Yoga Instruction|and Park Bootcamps!


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