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Truly successful career coaching has two important phases.One is to figure out your passion, to figure out what makes your heart sing.Two is to write a resume and do a job search based on that career.My focus is on part one.I work with helping you figure out what your unique gifts are, how you can work happier.

Below are the top 10 ways I can help you:

Figure out what makes your heart sing, what you are passionate about and your unique gift to the world.Get crystal clear on the steps necessary to achieve your passion.Work withresources (people, books, worksheets, events) that can assist you in finding a career you love.Get back in touch with your true self and your true passion.Realize life is more than a series of silos, life is meant to be fully savored and engaged in, all facets of it. The recognition that you are a complete person full of depth and breadth not just a worker bee.Face yourfears and stare down your doubts.Being a good listener and a good cheerleader and knowing when you need each role.Tap into the innate wisdom you have inside through aptitude and strength assessments (including the Strong and the Myers Briggs Career Assessments), individualized homework assignments and one on one conversations.Learn the skills necessary to find your passion and continually tweak it as you move through life.Figure out the next step in your career.

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