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Two Wolves is a Recovery Training Center teaching the solution of how to live in the real world in recovery from alcoholism or drug addiction or from difficulty with alcohol or drugs. We are not a treatment center for alcoholism and drug addiction but we work with many inpatient treatment centers and intensive outpatient programs (IOP's) where that makes sense for a specific client. There are many good treatment centers out there, but it does not mean they are good for each situation. Careful selection of a treatment center to match the needs of the individual creates a far greater likelihood of success and reduces the chances of multiple future treatment center stays. At Two Wolves we see every situation as being unique with its own set of factors and circumstances. Addiction is a highly complex problem and we believe an individual approach makes the most sense when determining how best to help a person or family impacted by alcoholism or addiction. Our clients learn the fundamental habits and behaviors that form the foundation for long-term recovery and happy lives. We are not interested in helping people stay sober or off drugs for a year. We want them to have practical tools and support building new habits so that they can rebuild their family, their health, their career and whatever else is important to them in their life. We are not allied with any particular treatment centers which allows for an objective assessment based on our experience of a persons needs and which center would be best for them if indeed treatment is needed. In many cases people who are struggling in recovery are automatically sent back to treatment. This can create a cycle of disappointment and a loss of hope both for the individual and their family. Repeating the same action and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. People need to know there are other options. Over and over our clients tell us, "This is different than anything I have done before. Why isn't everyone doing this?" Two Wolves is your best first call for help whether you want to determine if you or a loved one has a problem, whether you know you or a loved one has a problem and want to know the best path forward for your specific situation or whether you are struggling in recovery either with relapse or dissatisfaction with your life. We can help. Give us a call now at (833) TWO WOLVES - (833) 896-9658. We look forward to helping you create a new path forwards. Recovery IS Possible

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