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Why Choose Us For Your Virginia Beach Hood Cleaning? Customers prefer our services for many reasons, and it’s often a combination of factors that brings them to Virginia Beach Hood Cleaning. One thing is certain, though. Once you have enjoyed the many benefits of choosing the best hood cleaning company in Virginia! Maximum Coverage We have a broad service area that encompasses virtually any Virginia restaurant, event center, senior citizens’ building, and much more – even food trucks! We can even handle the hood cleaning services that are necessary for schools and day care facilities without disrupting students’ meal schedule. Call us any time and we can make an appointment at you convenience to inspect your hood and ventilation system. We can then give you an estimate and set up a time to thoroughly clean your kitchen exhaust system. We Stay Updated In the Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Industry Your commercial kitchen is regulated by specific guidelines enforced by national and state organizations. These include fire and health codes that are meant to keep your employees and customers safe, and we know those are top priorities for you anyway, so let the most qualified team help you meet and exceed those expectations! Virginia Beach Hood Cleaning stays informed about changes and updates in the hood cleaning industry, including how often your commercial kitchen hood should be cleaned and what the safest cleaning practices are in order to protect your property and the environment! We’re the first to know about groundbreaking products that can make a huge difference in your next hood cleaning service! Benefits Of Getting Your Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning in Virginia Beach Once you’ve met the minimum requirements for your commercial kitchen, you may feel like it’s just one more item checked off a never-ending list. However, when you choose Virginia Beach Hood Cleaning, we can guarantee that you’ll enjoy all these benefits as well: Fresher air – Removing grease, smoke, and soot from your kitchen hood and exhaust system will make the air in your kitchen and dining area smell and feel cleaner, providing a more appetizing atmosphere for your customers and a more pleasant work environment for your employees. Healthier employees – Workers who are consistently exposed to pollutants, airborne germs, and unclean air will be sick more often and subsequently will miss work as a result. You can keep them healthier and keep your attendance up by simply providing clean air in your commercial kitchen. More efficient equipment – When you keep your kitchen hoods clean, your exhaust system will thank you! It won’t have to work quite so hard to pull particles out of the air, meaning that the motor will last a lot longer. This is also true for your other kitchen equipment, all of which can be negatively affected when it gets clogged with grease, dust, and other particles. Reduced risk of fire – Following national and local fire codes will keep you in good standing with your inspectors, but it will also put your commercial kitchen an extremely low risk for fires, either major or minor. A single flame can ignite your entire kitchen exhaust system if it is caked with grease and soot, but Virginia Hood Cleaners can help you prevent that scary scenario! Professional environment – Professional is as professional does. (Ok, no one noteworthy ever said that, but it’s true!) If you want to see your employees act like pros, give them the proper environment! Studies have shown that employees will hold themselves to the standards their employers set, so create a professional environment and your employees will follow suit! Whether it is your intention to achieve any of these amazing benefits, we don’t know a single business owner who would turn them down!

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