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Colonic irrigation or Colon Hydrotherapy is a natural method for cleansing and hydrating the entire Colon. In my practice, colonics are done entirely with disposable items to avoid any possibility of cross contamination. Here are commonly reported health problems that may indicate the need for colon hydrotherapy... colon toxicity can be the underlying cause of many of these symptoms: • Constipation • Headaches • Hemorrhoids • Backaches • Arthritis • Allergies • Diarrhea • Distended Abdomen • Bad Breath/Halitosis • Skin Problems • Chronic Fatigue • Asthma • Irritability • Depression • Prostate Trouble • Difficult Weight Loss • Frequent Cold s • Hypoglycemia • Insomnia • Food Cravings • Abdominal Gas • Hypertension • Foul Body Odor • Menstrual Problems CHS Juice Fast A combination of the LBF and Frank pridham Juice fast Program This Detox Program should be done at least once a year. I will put you on a 7 day intake regime, consuming only vegetable or fruit juices and avoidance of all solid foods. It is totally different from pure fasting which avoids all intake. In Addition to the Juice Fasting we schedule daily colonics. Within the first 2 or 3 days, your body will start eliminating harmfull toxins and for many, gallstones.

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