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CJS Fire is a qualified State Contractor and holds a C-16 Fire Protection License. We are located in Martinez CA, and serve the entire Bay Area. CJS Fire is a one stop fire prevention resource to Property Managers, Building owners, Contractors, and Homeowners. Please call or contact us with any questions and one of our Specialists will be happy to assist. CJS Fire Protection Serving all of Contra Costa County and the Bay Area. CJS Fire can assist you with all of your fire protection needs. Call or contact us and one of our Fire Protection Specialists can answer any questions you may have. Inspection, Installation, and Repair. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Title 19 / 5 Year Certification.

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Custom fit Fire Sprinkler Systems


Title 19 Fire Sprinkler System Inspection and Certification|Tenant Improvements|New Installation|Fire Sprinkler System Corrections and Repairs


Tyco, Victollic, reliable, potter, Blaze Master, Viking


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