Is it a Good Idea to Feed Cats and Dogs a Raw Food Diet?

List: Posted: 09/19/11

Finding the right pet food for your dog or cat can seem pretty easy.  After all, there are tons of choices at your local grocery store or pet supply store.  However, some of these pre-made foods such as kibble might not actually be as healthy as you think.


Many people have chosen to put their cat or dog on a raw food diet, rather than feeding them commercial pet food.  Why is this, and is it a good idea for your pet?


First, commercial pet food is made with meat byproducts, as well as containing numerous chemicals that are not particularly good for a dog or cat.  Even the best quality kibble (or dry food) usually contains corn, which is a non-nutritious bulking agent that often causes allergies in dogs. 


Wet food is not so much better, with the vast majority containing 'mechanically reclaimed' meat deemed not fit for human consumption, as well as rendered meat from a variety of quite horrifying sources such as roadkill, euthanized pets and farm animals from the vet, and even non-traditionally utilized meats such as meat from zoo animals and exotics.  This is a big secret the pet food industry is keen to hide, but is sadly widespread.  All of this meat is all deemed fit for animal consumption, you'll be surprised to hear. 


Second, a raw food diet provides far better nutrition for your pet than a diet of commercial pet food can do.  There is no FDA regulations for pet food, and some of the cheaper pet food is made of semi-indigestible by-products made palatable by adding a ton of flavorings that animals go crazy for - but which is still not particularly good for them.


What is a raw food diet for pets, though?  Simply put, this is a diet in which you feed your dog or cat raw meat, bones from meat, and raw vegetables, as well as some fruits.  This ensures that your pet gets adequate nutrition, and raw pet food will also help stave off other diseases to which pets can be subject, such as diabetes.


Many people fear that feeding their pet raw pet food will have a harmful effect on them, or will 'spoil' them.  This is most certainly not the case.  For instance, pets have higher acid content in their digestive systems, which can kill harmful organisms that would sicken humans. 


In addition, spoiling your pet with raw pet food is probably a good thing in the long run, as it ensures better health for your pet, and peace of mind for you knowing that you are not feeding your pet undesirable food products that may sicken them and even decrease their lifespan.

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