Golds Gym - Aiken
101 Corporate Pkwy, Aiken, SC, 29803


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  Failure to support military.

My son has joined the Navy and is awaiting deployment. In order to lose a few pounds to meet the Navy%u2019s weight standards, he joined Gold%u2019s Gym in Aiken. He was verbally told by a Gold%u2019s Gym associate that since he will be Military he could end his contract with Gold%u2019s Gym at anytime. They then hastily drew up a contract to debit my son account at the tune of $30 per month for 11 months. My son signed it without reading it (his error). He only has a part time job and doesn%u2019t have the income to continue this bank draft. Gold%u2019s Gym was asked to stop the draft and cancel the contract. They refused. A certified letter was sent to both, Gold%u2019s Gym in Aiken and Corporate Gold%u2019s Gym asking to let him out of the contract and they refused. I personally visited Gold%u2019s Gym in Aiken and talked with the General Manager. The General Manager at the Aiken Gym stated that he would not let my son out of the contract, even though he could.

Aug 2010


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