Certified by NCCAOM for acupuncture & oriental medicine. 25 years of experience. MD in China and licensed to practice acupuncture in both New York and Georgia. Specialized in weight-loss, all kinds of pains, depression, addictions and after-stroke rehab.


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acupuncture, acupressure, cupping, moxibustion, tuina, guasha, herbs & traction, holistic approaches




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The Most Authentic Chinese Doctor in Western New York


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Acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, acupressure, traction, tuina, guasha, herbal medicine, Chinese medicine, holistic health

bridget ford

  I strongly recommend Dr. Lisa

I have suffered with Migraines for many years and accepted the pain, clouded mind and exhausted feeling that invades my life for days at a time. My goal with acupuncture was decreasing the number of Migraines that are currently managed to a degree with western care. August being one of my worst months, I began acupuncture for a total of 16 visits to assist with my Migraine management and also purchased 4 weeks of herbal medicine for my Kidneys, as well. Amazingly, not only have my Migraines diminished (none so far), but as an unexpected and generous bonus occurred; my mind is clearer, energy level high and even the very swollen dark circles under my eyes have diminished. Another bonus following just my first visit, was that I immediately noticed that my ankles no longer looked like water balloons at day's end. [My ankles had always swelled at the end of a work day for the past 2 years.] In my case, Dr. Lisa has proved she is skilled expert, practiced and knowledgeable in the multifaceted medical field of both western and Chinese medicine. Many thanks for doing the impossible! I recommend Dr. Lisa for your Migraine management and whole health. Kind regards, bridget f.

Oct 2010



  The acupuncturist you must see

As a neurologist for over 10 years, I have been hasitating to refer my patients to any oriental medical doctors since I havent had any experience with them. I had a patient with persistent shingles symtoms. No western medicine could heal him. Out of desperation, I asked the patient if he would try acupuncture and he said yes. Two weeks later, he came back with flowers to my office, thanking me for introducing him to acupuncture. He said his pain associated with shingles has all disappeared and he now sleep soundly at night. I asked where he went for the treatment. He told me that the acupuncturists name is Lisa Zhou whose hands seem to be like magic touch. He was totally converted to a believer of oriental medicine.

Feb 2009



  The best acupuncturist in town

I was playing basketball and sprained my back. It hurt so much and I couldnt even stand up straight. One of the playmates told me that he knew an acupuncturist called Dr. Lisa Zhou who is an expert in treating sports injuries. My friend offered to drive me to Dr. Lisas office. When I got there, Dr. Lisa put a needle into my hand and then asked me to stand up straight. I followed her instruction and presto, I was straight up, feeling no pain at all. That was really a miracle. I cant believe it that a needle into my hand could help my back. Dr. Lisa is the best!

Mar 2009


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