K & B Redemption Center
1014 S E Lorenz Dr, Ankeny, IA, 50021
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  K & B Redemption Center

These people are unbelievable. They don't care about customer service and don't try to hide it. The do things the way they want and if you don't like it they tell you to go somewhere else and that is just what everyone should do. It is a convenient service if it is managed correctly but clearly this operation is not. I have had more than one issue with them and have seen the way they treat others. The only way to send a message they will care about is to take your business elsewhere. Hopefully when they no longer have an income the next manager will know how to run a business and understand that customers fund his paycheck.

Nov 2013



  Lack of customer service

I went to K and B Redemption Center to return can/plastic bottles in which my kids help me with and receive part of the money. I do this to teach them work ethic. While waiting for the person assisting me to sort through all the bags I was irritated by the fact that the person kept helping other workers remove their bags of cans, carrying on conversations and kept finding other things to do while my two daughters and I waited instead of working on sorting the cans/bottles we brought in. I finally made a comment to the gentleman working closest to me and he told me that I needed to be patient and when I tried to explain why I was getting frustrated he told me I could take my cans to Walmart. I told him I didn't need that kind of attitude/comments from him and he went and got the remaining bags of cans and that I and my two daughters, ages 13 and 4 could leave. I took my daughters out to our vehicle where my wife and two other kids were waiting. I decided to go back in and I asked to speak to the manager and the guy that had told me I could just go to Walmart said he was the owner. I told him that I thought it was poor customer service and while trying to explain my position he told me that maybe I shouldn't bring in so many bags of cans. I stated that I thought that his company earned money off each can/bottle and that was how they did business and he said yeah one cent per can. He basically told me I could bring cans there or not that he didn't care, so I left. I think it's very poor customer service for him to have reacted this way and acting like they are doing me a favor when that is the nature of their business.

Oct 2012


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