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  Newsome's Auto Parts Electric Shop & Junk Yard

I would give this place NO stars if that were an option. On July 25, 2012, I took my vehicle to Newsome's Garage for the transmission to be replaced, not rebuilt. The owner, (John) Paul Newsome, promised it back to me in two days but didn't return it until July 31, 2012, six days later. Everything in my car was in working order when I released it to him except for the transmission. Mr. Newsome told me that he was going to replace the transmission but I was later told by one of his mechanics that he rebuilt it (which is more expensive); he did not replace it as agreed. While driving home, I discovered that the air conditioning was no longer working (it worked fine before), the suspension is tore up (it makes a lot of noise when riding over rough roads), my car was filthy where they got dirt, mud and grease all over my inside doors, seats and carpet because they are not professional enough to use seat covers and floor mats. Paul Newsome told me that if there were any problems, there was a 30 day warranty, just to bring back. It has now been seven days and they still haven't repaired my air conditioning, despite four trips to the shop and daily, numerous phone calls. They continue to give me the run around, promising to call me back but nobody ever does. They continue to order the wrong part for the A/C which they replaced with a faulty part in the first place which was not necessary and I didn't authorize. I've had five mechanics look at it now and every one of them agreed that it's a brand new part and didn't need to be messed with. And my Schrader valve caps were missing when I raised the hood. The mechanic at first claimed that I didn't need them anyway. I didn't authorize them to change them, nor to put on a new radiator which they also did without my authorization and tacked onto the original bill. But Paul Newsome is refusing to replace the faulty parts and repair my air conditioning. And numerous attempts to resolve this issue, he is not taking my calls because he sees my number on his Caller ID. The transmission also still shifts roughly at times and at certain speeds. Bottom line, avoid Newsome's like the plague. After all, he runs a junk yard, not an auto repair shop. Beware!

Aug 2012


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