Aurora Car Care
320 E Garfield Rd, Aurora, OH, 44202




  Excellent - honest, reasonable, caring people

I had a brake line blow out on me on a Saturday morning when I hit the brakes to spare a squirrel's life (the squirrel lived). With no brake pedal, I eased my way a couple of blocks using my emergency brake at three stop signs on the way. I pulled into the shop and Pat and Abe looked at my truck, put it on the rack, and fixed it in about 30 minutes. I wasn't in any position to negotiate a price - I was standing there with my new passenger, a small beagle. The price was very fair. I have since taken all of my vehicles to Aurora Car Care and referred others to this shop as well. This business has been needed in this town for years!

Jun 2011



  Friendly, concientious and affordable!

A business run by a local businessman. They do great work, treat you with courtesy, go above and beyond and stand by their work. What more can you ask for in a car care establishment?

Oct 2010



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Jun 2012



  Aurora Car Care

The best mechanics and customer service around. I had reached my boiling point with a dealership this week over a high $ part that was just replaced in August, 2011. It was still under warranty, but the dealership was hassling me over replacement (and, as I vividly recall, didn't treat me well when they made the repair in 2011). This crew at Aurora Car Care diagnosed the problem and offered a solution that was more than fair. They do not treat clients like walking checkbooks! If you are looking for courteous, knowledgeable people, look no further than Aurora Car Care. As long as I continue to try to keep life in my older vehicles, they will always have my business. Pat, you and the crew are very much appreciated by Gretchen and me. You are all very good people. Thanks again, Brant J.

May 2012


laura prusha

  Outstanding Service!! Will recommend to ALL!

I've had brake work, wiring and oil changes here and am VERY Satisfied with service! Pat the owner is outgoing and friendly, I'm so glad to say this is a business I'm proud to have in my city! Thanks Pat!

Jan 2011


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