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richard sorden

  Unreliable and Questionable Business Practices

Met with Custom Concrete on 9/25/2013 to get an estimate do two things: 1) touch-up and seal my custom driveway and 2) extend the rear patio and refinish it with a decorative overlay similar to that of the driveway. An agreement made was made on 10/2/2013 to complete the work by November for $4184.00 and an initial one-third down payment of $1394.67 was provided on the same day. After promptly cashing the first check on the same day (10/2/2013), Custom Concrete did not return to begin working until 10/21/2013 (after several inquiries were made). On 10/21/2013, Custom Concrete used a Bobcat machine to dig out the subbase for the patio extension, damaging my front and back yard in the process (note: some damage was expected and is acceptable for the most part) and demanded the 2nd one-third payment of $1394.67. Custom Concrete cashed the 2nd check very promptly on the same day (10/21/2013). On 10/22/2013, Custom Concrete returned to finish the subbase (compacted rock) and setup the forms and things seemed to be going well. Since 10/22/2013, however, Custom Concrete has not returned to address the driveway, the unfinished patio, or the damage to my yard and has repeatedly made various excuses - being short-handed, other project commitments, and the weather (even though there have been 13 days of clear weather between 10/22/2013 and 11/16/2013). Due to the demonstrated lack of commitment to complete the work and questionable business practices, I feel that I have no recourse but to seek remediation through the BBB and, if necessary, the court system.

Nov 2013



  Custom Concrete Unreliable

The company has failed too follow up on repairs and work done was unsatisfactory This company has performed very poorly damage was done to home wile work was performed also the work done is unsatisfactory concrete has dimples, gravel driveway showing the black tarp underneath. Signed contract March worked only a few hours per day took over almost 3 mounts before full days of work was performed. Promise too come back and correct concrete problems ETC, never showed. Also electrical wires that where accidentally cut in half "Back and Fount" yards repaired with wire nuts and electrical tape only and buried very shadowed had to cut off electric too wiring for safety reasons one wire in back was for shed ask Custom Concrete to help repair stated he would never showed. Replaced dirt where bobcat had made tracks on my property and neighbors done poorly still needs more soil waiting for his return would not recommend this company have lots of photos too prove damages and faulty work. When concrete was removed it was left behind for weeks I had too move some myself to get around in yard and cleaned up gravel left also. When concrete was first replaced basement seeped water from underneath concrete had to shop-vac 1" of water twice in basement told Custom Concrete never showed, I had to tell him what the problem was. Cost was $4,000.00 hate too write bad report on anyone but 4 mounts of stress is too much knowing his work will not hold up. I hope Custom Concrete will hold up to his promises I hate for the borrowed money too go to waste the whole ordeal has been very stressful for me. As stated earlier I would not recommend Custom Concrete.

Sep 2011


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