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Specializing in tankless water heaters, tankless wall hung boilers, ductless air conditioners, ductless mini-split heat pumps


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tankless water heaters, tankless wall hung boilers, ductless air conditioners, ductless mini-split heat pumps


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tankless water heaters, tankless wall hung boilers, ductless air conditioners, ductless mini-split heat pumps


  Mini-Split system

Last year, Richair installed a mini-split system in our house. We love it! But the first hot day this Spring, it wasn't blowing cool air. The problem was not readily appaparent to the 1st repair man they sent out, but he found a lot of spider webs in the condensor outside and suggested a chemical cleaning. I had already had the units cleaned a month earlier, as suggested, but a chemical cleaning is more expensive, and recommended only every few years. However, we had landscaping done after the installation, and a lot of dirt was stirred up around the unit, so I agreed to have it cleaned, which involved another appointment. The cleaning did not solve the problem, but the 2nd repair man did a special test and found a leak in a joint, which was not properly sealed. This had apparently happened at installation, but leaked so slowly as to take a year to show up. Once that was fixed, the units started performing as well as they had last year. We just love them, but they are not cheap! However, they are so much quieter than our old window units, they were well worth the money. I do hope we won't have any more leaks, but Richair was responsive and ultimately solved the problem to my satisfaction.

Jun 2013



  happy with unit

It was a slow process with customer service but we are overall happy with our new unit

Jun 2013



  RichAir installed our ductless Panosinc unit

RichAir installed our ductless Panosinc unit. We are pleased with the unit and the way it is working.

Jul 2013



  Great Service

It was a pleasure dealing with Peter from Richair. I received a very good education on the ductless A/C systems. And since my older colonial home does not have the ability to run ductwork, we knew we had to go with a mini split system. I did call a few other places and got higher prices and had lower confidence in those companies. Peter graciously came to our house a few times to go over placement of the air handlers, the capacity that each needed, and placement of the 2 outdoor units. He oversaw the entire job. Not that he needed to as the installers were great as well. The installers were very knowledgeable and more importantly, actually "work" for the company. There were no subcontractors. The van that pulled up said "Richair" on the side and i was very happy. They were very clean, covered everything, cleaned up when finished, and the units were installed perfectly. These are truly "certified technicians" as their jackets say on the back. They know these units backwards and forwards and explain every little thing in detail from how the outdoor units works, to how to operate the very "cool" remote controls which do so many things. Peter did assure us that the installation would be perfect and that he would not sell us more capacity than what we needed, which would have increased the price. He also said we would be very impressed with the quietness of both the indoor and outdoor units and how they perform. Finally, a company that lived up to, and exceeded expectations! The heating is excellent and the cooling is perfect. They run whisper quiet. Sitting in my living room with the TV off and no other noise, i can barely hear the fan. With a TV on or even speaking with someone, you would not even know it was on. In my opinion, a person now looking for air conditioning should really ONLY shop for a Mini Split system such as this. They are extremely energy efficient, quiet, work amazingly well, and each zone can be controlled the way you desire. A conventional system now is truly a dinosaur! This is the ONLY way to go. And the huge bonus is a heating system as well!! I generally do not take the time to write an internet recommendation, but in this case i decided it was more than warranted. The service, quality, and performance of both the equipment and the people involved was fantastic. GREAT JOB!

Mar 2013


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