Delightful Days Preschool & Daycare
2315 W Front St, Berwick, PA, 18603


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  a step above the rest

delightful days goes above and beyond the needs of the children enrolled at the facility, everything is run according to GOVERNMENT STANDARDS and the teachers are caring not only towards the children but are also willing to work around family situations for the children's well-being. they work with the children on kindergarten readiness, introduce the toddlers to numbers and all the letters of the alphabet and have projects that are done on an everyday basis to make the learning experience more enjoyable. There is open communication between staff and parents, all the staff and the director are more then willing to work with specific preferences that parents have concerning their children. If the weatheris nice, they take the kids outside for a walk or to play at the playground, they have naptime. if you want an environment where your children are going to enjoy coming to daycare everyday then delightful days is your best bet. they have a diverse race of children attending the daycare, and not all of them are able to speak english, but the staff works with the kids not only to help teach them english, but learn how to communicate with them in their own language as well.

Nov 2011


all for the children

  not so delightful

dont take your children here. this daycare is nice to your face to get you to enroll but once it has you watch out. i was there once and i know first hand that the director is a joke. all she cares about is the enrollment. she is to stuck on herself and treats her employees like they are the bottom of the feeding chain

Jul 2009


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