Falvey Pools & Spas
234 Elliot St, Brattleboro, VT, 05301
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kevin h

  Overcharge and Ranting Voice mail

I used Falvey for service and they charged me $70 to put $2 worth of chemicals in my Spa. I paid the bill and hoped to use them for future business, but I would do the basic chemical service myself. Well a month goes by and I develop a leak in the spa. So I call Falvey to ask them to investigate the leak, they come out and say that they can't find or fix the leak. They proceed to service the spa and this time they charge me $125. My wife pays the bill, I didn't want to pay it, and writes a note that is sent with the check. Several days later, I get a ranting voice mail from Jack Falvey, (which was left in a co-workers v-mail box), who states, "...service is done to every d@mn tub we've got...". I have found another spa service company.

Mar 2010


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