Master Khechens Martial Arts Academy
1630 Hopkins Rd, Buffalo, NY, 14221


Master Khechens Martial Arts Academy offers martial arts classes for all ages in the East Amherst, Getzville, North Tonawanda, and Williamsville NY areas

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  Poor excuse of a school

I've been to several of the competitions this studio runs and here is what I have seen. The school seems produce some good quality students (a few actually highly impressed me), and many very subpar students that are earning higher belts by just being present and not performing. I actually saw a blue belt that didn%u2019t even know his first form so in competition he threw a few random weak punches each direction. This is one of many examples. So obviously in this school you pay for your belt and not earn it. Also, when they run competition "some" of their judges are extremely partial to the students from their own school. They will not even watch students from other schools perform their forms, yet rate them low. When students from their school are performing, they pay close attention and give great ratings no matter how good or poorly the student had done. Sorry, but this is a really poor way to run a school. You should have to earn your ranks, not pay for it. And they should treat all people fairly and respect. Since they%u2019re openly not doing this, they%u2019re passing the same disrespectful behavior down to their students.

Oct 2011


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