Zkarlo Inc.
3203 Corporate Center Dr Ste 190, Burnsville, MN, 55306


ZKarlo is a consumer electronics and computer parts store.  We sell our products on two sites and


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laptop parts, gps navigation systems, video game bundles, cell phones


electronics sales, laptop repair


Toshiba, HP, Compaq, Sony, TomTom, Nintendo, Magellan, Blackberry, Sprint

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  Cheap product, even worse customer service!

We purchased a NEW Wii drum set (aftermarket) for our son for Christmas of 2012 from this company on their Ebay store. After the drum set had been used a handful of times, the green drum (the control basically) stopped working. We have tried numerous times to contact the company through Ebay, and directly through email, facebook, website, and their phone number. We have yet to receive a response and we are almost to Christmas of 2013. I live in MN (the state they are located in) and am willing to drive to their location, do not expect a free exchange (unless the set is deemed to have stopped working due to manufacturer error,) and have told them this. Stay away! Too much of a hassle and terrible customer service. The price you will save buying their products will not be worth it! Buy quality products from a company that will back them!

Dec 2013



  Shady practices

I bought a Tom Tom %u201COne XL HD%u201D from ZKarlo Inc through E-Bay this was a refurbished unit. Upon receiving it it had the previous owners information on it. It was missing the security card and no manuals or setup disk. It also had All serial numbers ground off. I tried to get manuals and disk from TomTom and was told that the model I bought was for the Europe market and would not run the accessories like up to date traffic and such. I let the seller know and was told grinding off the serial numbers is part of refurbishing. I asked for the US model %u201CXL350T%u201D and was ignored. It really looks to me that is a stolen unit or was defaced to hide the fact it European unit. I would be very careful when doing business with ZKarlo Inc I sent the unit back hope I get my refund. Jack Falk Milwaukee, WI

Jan 2011


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