KV Nails
1933 W Main St, Centre, AL, 35960
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  KV Nails

DISAPPOINTMENT is an understatement! As a birthday present for my mother (while visiting from Rome, GA) last Saturday (April 21st), we went to KV Nails where I received a french manicure/pedicure and my mother had a manicure (she even brought her own polish). Two hours later and $60 (including a 20% tip), we left. Now, a little more than 48 hours later, 3 nails have chipped just doing normal things. I called mom (who is now visiting in TN) to explain my frustrations and she said she was pleased with the outcome either. Living 37 miles away doesn't given me to opportunity to just stop by for someone to make good in some way, shape or form. So, when I was looking up the number to call them, I found this place to post a review and wanted others to know -

Apr 2012


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