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  Tim Stassi doesn't pay his bills

Tim Stassi & Dwell One Realty contracted us to do a project. Our standard terms are 50% down, 50% when project completed. Tim signed a contract outlining exact details of project per his specifications and agreed to payment terms. When project started Tim was very active and pushed for completion,prior to agreed upon estimated time-line. In the beginning Tim was easily accessible. When project was 98% complete, Tim disappeared. Project completion required specific documentation from Tim & Dwell One Realty. Less than 2 hours of work remained on the project. Multiple attempts via phone (office & cell) as well as emails have been made with no call backs, or email response. Final invoice sent along with copy of signed contract with a deadline for payment. Final invoice was reduced 2 hours to accommodate final piece of project. Dwell One Realty owes in excess of $1000 dollars with late fees being accrued. No response to final invoice or demand for payment for services rendered. Do not enter into a contract with Dwell One Realty or Tim Stassi.

Mar 2011



  Stressful Searching Aided By Dwell One Realty

I was relatively new to the Chicagoland area and was in need of a two bedroom condominium in Lincoln Park. The problem was that my lease was expiring and I needed to get into a new place asap. I scoured the internet and I found a Dwell One Realty ad on Craigslist. Not thinking too much into it I clicked the ad and browsed their online system in search of condominiums. Two hours later, I had an agent contact me via email with condominiums that met my criteria! Tim Stassi introduced himself and suggested I take a look through the listings and get back to him. I then went through the listings and I couldnt find much that I liked. Well, I expressed my disinterest in the listings and provided Tim with some more information as to what I wanted to have in my home. Needless to say, the next morning I had a prospective list of about 20 more places to look at. I picked out a few I liked and scheduled an appointment with Tim to go view the properties. I was very pleased when I met Tim, he was courteous, on time, and pleasant. He drove me around Lincoln Park to show me properties that I chose to look at. However, I was really surprised with his knowledge of the little things in homes you may never think about ranging from possible mold/water damage in the walls, the exterior bricks were not sealed properly which could lead to expenses in the future, sufficient cabinet space, pros and cons of the type of hardwood flooring in regards to maintenance, and informed me on what properties were in what zoning in Chicago and what I needed to do to make any necessary changes. After the initial meeting I selected 3 places I would consider. Two days later, I had another list of 15 places to go visit, so Tim and I went the following weekend and looked at them. I must say I felt that he truly wanted to help me find the space that I would be happy with and even with the time crunch I never felt I was being rushed by him. It was a perfect match of time and selectivity. I eventually found a place I liked, told Tim lets go ahead and make an offer. Its not to say that Tim worked with me over the phone while I was at work almost hour by hour to make a good offer and to get the best price. The negotiations were very smooth, at least it seemed to me. Tim got me in contact with a great lender, Steve, and helped make sure I was pre-approved, had all the right paperwork, and made sure that I would be able to cash in on the first time home buyer tax credit. I started getting excited to see that soon I would own my own home and get it for the very best price. Upon closing, Tim was able to get the property I wanted for $10,000 less than the listing price! I must say that I have worked with large real estate agencies in the past with renting and leasing, so I decided to go the rout of Craigslist and happened to end up finding a smaller agency and I can say that I am happier than ever in my new home! Thanks Tim!

Dec 2009


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