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ISO certified data recovery & professional hard drive recovery services. SalvageData can recover data from virtually any failed digital storage device.


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We also offer data recovery software solutions.


We perform data recovery on hard drives, RAIDs, digital media including MP3 players, cell phones, and so on.


Western Digital, Seagate, Hitachi, Maxtor, Samsung, Toshiba.


Better Business Bureau, ISO 9001 certified

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Data Recovery, Hard Drive Recovery, Hard Drive Data Recovery, RAID DATA Recovery.


  data recovery company

I am very irritated when my computer is running very slow due to over load and virus, I have lost my some of the important data then recommended that I must try data recovery specialist Salvage Data helped me out.

Apr 2011



  hard drive repair services

My system was working fine the other day, but while copying a file by Nero%u2026.the system hanged and I had to restart it. But I got a disk boot failure error. Then, I tried to run a windows xp installation CD, but that is also showing some error message during installation and the installation fails. I did check the bios settings and the disk fails to show%u2026and had it checked on another system also%u2026but bios cannot detect the hard disk. I think the disk is damaged or something likes that. The disk has important data from my company%u2019s point of view%u2026..that I need to recover. I need data recovery from hard disk. Thanks to salvage data. They helped me out.

May 2011



  data recovery

I lost 20Gb resizing my hard disk, manually resize 'C' partition at 50Gb, but I don't put how space I wanted to release. So I missed that 20gb y can't found that lost space. I tried salvage data recovery services and I got back all my important data. Thanks to salvage data.

Apr 2011



  data recovery

I had a drive failure about a month ago. First thing I tried was the freezer method... which leads to some grinding noises. so I'm not sure what is an issue but I tried data recovery experts salvage data. I was amazed that they worked very quickly and recovered my HDD sonly.

Apr 2011



  specialist of external hard drive data recovery services

I've suffered from an external hard drive death. Then I tried external hard drive data recovery specialist company that is salvage data and they helped me out and I got my all data back. Thanks to salvage data.

May 2011



  lost data recovery services

I have not saved any data to the external hard drive since the format. I really need my lost data back. Then someone told me about data recovery experts salvage data, to recover hdd . I got back my all data. Thanks to salvage data.

May 2011



  professional data recovery services

My wife's computer just crashed and she lost all her data and she's freaking out. I tried salvage professional data recovery services, I would love to appreciate their work. Thanks to salvage data.

Apr 2011



  data recovery

I was installing a new video card and things got all shizzy on me and short story is that I had to reformat my hard drive. The data is corrupted due to some virus attack. I want to recover the data. Someone recommended me salvage data, thanks to salvage data services.

Apr 2011



  data recovery software

Data recovery software is very expensive and I did not want to spend too much money, so I bought SalvageData software. I thought it would not be a good product but it turned out to be a great product with which I was able to recover a lot of my lost data effectively.

Mar 2011



  data recovery

I just started using my Memory Card in my Brand new camera and took about 75 to 100 photos in RAW format. I took one photo about 24 hours after taking to use the card, and decided to retake it and then I got an error message stating that the card was either corrupted or damaged. I want to recover my photos. Then my problem resolved by Salvage data and they retrieve my all photos back very fastly. Thanks to Salvage data.

Apr 2011


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