If you have had sex, you may have been exposed to an STD. STD symptoms can vary from subtle to obvious, so the only way to be really sure you have not contracted an STD is to be evaluated with STD testing. STD Testing Services leads the STD testing industry by having the most experienced, professional, and discreet team of counselors who will walk you through the three easy steps for getting your STD test. Be evaluated for STDs Our experienced STD counselor will ask you some questions to assess if you are at risk. Then decides what type of test you need. Find the Lab Closest to You Your STD counselor then finds a lab convenient for you with same day testing in most cases. Get Your Results When you call back for your results, we have post test counseling for patients who have any positive results. Our counselors will help direct you to the best way of seeking treatment. You can also receive a hard copy of your results via e-mail, fax, or postal mail. At STD Testing Services, your privacy is our top priority. That is why the STD testing you receive is 100% confidential. Our three step system makes getting tested for an STD fast and easy.


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HIV Tests, Herpes Tests, Chlamydia Tests, Gonorrhea Tests, Hepatitis Tests, CBC Tests, Urinalysis Tests, Syphilis Tests


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HIV Tests, Herpes Tests, Syphillis Tests, Chlamydia Tests, Gonorrhea Tests, Hepatitis Tests, CBC Tests, Urinalysis Tests

j lange


Not a professional company at all. They got my testing mixed up at the lab and was a headache to straighten out.

Jun 2009



  Great company

It was so easy for me to get tested?! Literally a phone call away! I was testing and had my results back in 1 week! They knew exactly what I needed to be tested for and got me an appointment within that hour.

Mar 2010




Didnt know at the time but now that I have done my research I pretty much wasted a lot of money when I could have gotten the same service elsewhere for a lot cheaper.

Jul 2009



  Sooooo professional and helpful!

Thees guys were great. They took plenty of time to answer my questions and got me in for testing that day. I dont know who these other folks checked, but their prices were a lot cheaper than two other companies I tried. My results came back in three days and its amazing to know how much more relaxed I am to know I dont have anything. THX SO MUCH!

Nov 2009



  Nice and knowledgable and with none of the pressure I found elsewhere!

These guys answered all of my questions and actually convinced me NOT to get tested right now. Once I told them what I was worried about, they explained to me that my risk was so low that it might be a waste of money. I was so ready to get tested that they could have easily charged me whatever they wanted, but they instead just talked me down out of my fears. I almost couldnt believe it! I called two other testing companies and they were soooo not like these guys. I am going to get tested this summer because I still do every year, but when I do it will be with these guys. Thanks! :)

Jan 2010


jeff clausen

  Great company

I called this company and they were able to get me tested the same day! Results were in my own hands within days! I was already so nervous and they completly made me feel good about the situation. They didn't try and sell the test to me! Not pushy at all. the best money spent!

Mar 2010


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