Urban Active Fitness - Hyde Park
4030 Smith Rd, Cincinnati, OH, 45209


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  Very Satisfied

I switched from Norwood Fitworks to here during the summer, and so far I've been very pleased. I usually go in in at different times each day, and so far I haven't had to wait for any of the cardio equipment. The cardio cinema is a great idea; it keeps your interest and gives you some motivation to keep going. I don't take any classes there, but I've heard from friends that they're nice. I've read a lot of reviews complaining about Urban's contract terms, but they didn't seem shady and unfair like I was led to believe they would be. Just take the time to read (and understand) the contract and you can't go wrong. Overall I think Urban Active is a great value, five stars from me.

Dec 2010



  Be very careful before signing up.

Trying to sign up is like talking to a car sales person. Dont believe them! They will straight out lie at you. I was told I could cancel my membership if I move 15 miles out of the home gym (which was the HP location). When we moved to Mason and tried to cancel the membership, it turns out you have to move 25 miles away from any of their gyms. Read the contract carefully and make sure everything is in writing. The gym itself is OK. Equipment is kept current but its so crowded. Also, the second level floor shakes; you can feel the person next to you moving.

Jun 2009


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