Club Vogue
912 Business Loop 70 E, Columbia, MO, 65201


Club Vouge, Mid Missouri's Finest Gentleman's Club

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Letter to the Tribune Editor, At 1:45am Friday morning, three friends and I decided to go to Club Vogue. As soon as we got there we saw the heavy set bouncer from the private dance room taking a younger guy, Im guessing a college student because it was college night there, outside in a head lock. I assume he did something that wasnt appropriate and he needed to leave. Understandable. I was standing half inside and half outside at the front door at this time. Three more bouncers came outside to assist. I know that bouncers are able to use reasonable force to maintain a situation (i.e. pushing a crowd back, holding a patron down until police come etc), but what I am about to tell you is far beyond reasonable force and disturbing. The four bouncers took the guy out the door and to the ground immediately to the right hand side of the door, if you were standing outside looking at the front door. To the right was something like a manhole (Ive attached a picture from paintbrush, notice the blood still on there from the next day). Three of the bouncers immobilized the kids arms and they placed his head over the manhole. The fourth bouncer, the tall blond guy with the crew cut that collects money, punched the kid in the face 8 times, I counted, with his head bouncing off the manhole. They got off him and as the guy who punched him walked past me, he said...excuse my language, "thats what that m*****f***er gets." I was disgusted to witness this! The kids girl friend or friend, came out and was crying holding his head to try and stop the bleeding. Her cupped hands were filled with blood. He was unresponsive and had a gash on his forehead that needed immediate medical attention. I told the bouncers that they cannot do that! Then they threatened to kick me out. I told the girl I was certified in first aid and CPR (which I am) and asked if I could help him. She said yes. I told the two door men to step back and for one to get a wet rag to stop the bleeding. He said "I dont have one." And I said, "YOU GUYS DID THIS, NOW GET ME A RAG!" He went and got a rag and I tried to help stop the bleed and get the kid to respond. His entire face was red and same with the girls arms and hands. He had lost a significant amount of blood. Finally, the kid started to come around and the girl said thank you and that she was going to take him to the hospital. And they were gone. What bothered me the most was how they took this kid out, held him down and punched his face into the edge of the manhole. It was like that was the chopping block intended for that type of situation. They were trying to hurt this kid very very badly. And for what the guy who hit him said...I was furious. It reminded me of the clip from the movie American History X, where Edward Norton makes the guy bite the curb. THIS IS NO WAY TO CONDUCT BUSINESS AND THEY SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN!

Dec 2008


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