Touched By Angel
1360 Dogwood Dr Se, Conyers, GA, 30013
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  Great Weaver

After reading many reviews, I was unsure but my friend refferred me to a stylist name Tiffany and she is off the chain with the sew ins. Great consultation and great service. Check her out!

Jun 2012



  Best Hair Salon In Conyers

The touched by an angel hair salon in conyers has great hair stylist specializing in sew ins and all of your other hair needs. They have the best salon prices in the entire city. I would definitely recommend that anyone looking for great services and prices check them out next time they need their hair done.

May 2012



  To whom it may concern,The owner of these chain salons will not hire licensed professionals only unlicensed and untrained personal.IT is a good business for her by only paying the

workers 30 and 40 percent,and not reporting the revenue to the irs like she suppose to.Further report this salon to the ga stateboard and call fox five news because this is ridiculous how she operates.These people are suppose to be trained but her scam is a so called weaving boot camp that apparently is not working very well.there has been thousands of complaints from lithonia to rex ga and she finds a way to find another sucker to let her advertise for them thinking shes actually on the up and up.People should know by now everything cheap is not good.just stop supporting her school setting salons!

Apr 2012


mp money

  Bad Buisness

My sister and I went to have the wash and set at Touched by an Angel and it seem like nothing could go wrong........any way by the time we left I couldnt look at her and she couldnt look at me it was so horrible and to add more insult we went back again to give them another try it was just as bad as the first time, the service was horrible we contacted the owner she was too busy to make sure that we were satisfied , This salon is very poor, each review will represent 10 more people ,Pass this place by running and spend a little extra if you have too TRUST ME!!!

May 2011



  Hot Mess!

I had a weave sewn in by Bonita, at the Conyers location. It was a hot mess. I had the spiral curl bushy style that is worn back off the face. She looked at the picture as said that the style was easy. Little did I know that she didn't know a thing about the style. She started my tracks too far back off the forehead. About 3 inches or so. My hair that she left out in the front was not in place at all and it wasn't enough to cover the 3 inches that she didn't put a track. in. I went to my friend, hoping that she could weave in about 4 tracks up front, but when she finish it still wasn't complete because the stylist didn't put my track from ear to ear either. Leaving another 2 inches without tracks on the side. My friend had to take the hair out. When she took the hair out, we found out that the stylist didn't even cut the tracks. She just took the hair out of the package and double it over and over on my head. It was whole just like it comes in the package. She also left a portion in the top not sewn. I normally wouldn't complain, but I don't want anyone to experience this and waste their money. IT WAS A HOT MESS!

Apr 2011


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