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Accountable Physical Therapy is a technologically dynamic practice instituting mobile physical therapy by providing physical therapy house calls to the Eugene/Springfield community of all ages and in-house services directly to corporate entities and dental practitioners. Accountable is unique in that we bring outpatient therapy to the consumer and follow up personalized plans with both face-to-face visits and online Telerehab customization; making access to physical therapy both affordable and convenient. With this technology we can offer concierge services at a monthly rate that include a regular number of video visits; online exercise progressions and a chat platform to interact with the provider that can be accessed by the client on a smartphone or iPad. Accountable Physical therapy provides outpatient house calls to the Eugene/Springfield community. The Physical Therapist can bring physical therapy to the home, school, office, and gym. This is not a home health agency where the client must be home bound to qualify. We implement one to one patient treatment with the Physical Therapist only. House calls treats, but is not limited to, orthopedic conditions both pre and post-operatively as well as neurological challenges related to Parkinson's, stroke, vestibular dysfunction and balance challenges. We offer wellness coaching and conditioning to help people get started on a program to lose weight, increase fitness levels and enhance sport performance. We assess running and walking patterns and promote core stability to improve optimal dynamic balance. There are no disqualifications for the utilization of Accountable physical Therapy house call services. People who may not meet the criteria of medical necessity can still be seen for improving their health and to maximize their potential whether it is walking up a staircase, education in fall prevention strategies or striving to improve maximal oxygen consumption in order to run a marathon. Corporate wellness services include on the job workstation enhancements, work hardening, employee assessments and corrective measures to reduce injury. We provide education for proper body mechanics, safe lifting techniques and strategies to protect the back and neck and address pain issues using best practices with evidenced-based strategies to help clients manage their pain experience. We implement functional strengthening and balance activities that fit each individual need suitable to the dynamics of their workstation environment. We educate and facilitate group classes to engage the culture of the corporation creating happy and healthy employees. We implement group sessions to improve cardiovascular conditioning, muscular endurance training and nutritional counseling to improve overall health and to enhance weight loss. Dental Providers have the option of utilizing the services of Accountable physical therapy at their office or they can choose to refer the patient to our primary office. We provide services to augment the dental practitioner to improve successful outcomes for temporal mandibular dysfunction (TMD) management. As part of the evaluation process, the Physical Therapist performs postural assessments. This includes an assessment of neck and shoulder movement to rule out any possible contributions to the presenting symptoms, neurological screening to assess any compression on cranial nerves that may induce dizziness, visual disturbances or hearing impairments. After a thorough investigation of possible contributing causes to jaw problems, we identify the primary structures involved and then design a plan to restore jaw function. As an additional convenience, we provide cost effective follow up visits using mHealth, which is a HIPAA compliant, Telerehab mobile platform for follow-up visits and program progressions. Additionally Telerehab can benefit the client as an ongoing medium to progress their fitness program and stay connected with their provider for ongoing support, request

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