Wolf Rooter Specializes in all your plumbing needs. Sewer cleaning,drain cleaning,plumbing repair and replacement of your kitchen sink pipes,basin sink pipes,copper re-pipe,mainline pipes,cleanouts,cast iron pipes, galvanized pipes (waste line) in condos and apartments water heaters and we are CERTIFIED to install NORITZ tankless water heaters. We specialize in Apartment and Condominium HOAs cleaning drains and repair plumbing as well in the homes also. 1ST PHOTO:Displaying drains that we unclog or repair plumbing these fixtures in your bathroom. 2ND PHOTO:Perma Liner 3RD PHOTO:This is the kind of drain cleaning we do. Our plumber removed a 6 1/2 foot root from a customers bathtub. 4TH PHOTO: Replace your mainline sewer within 3 hours without trenching the sidewalk,landscaping,driveway and slab floor and never worry about another back-up!


Video Camera Inspection, Hydro-Jetting, PERMA LINER -pipe lining.


Serving Beverly Hills, Los Angeles and Los Angeles county., Culver City


We install the best parts for your plumbing needs.

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Known for staying on the job till drain is open.


  Most reliable plumbing business

Wolf Rooter is a very reliable plumbing company. Weve used their services several times over the past few years and have always been very satisfied. Theyre prompt and efficient as well.

Mar 2009



  Wolf Rooter-One of the best plumbing outfits I have known

Wolf Rooter gives you quality without gouging you. The workmanship is excellent. Materials are high quality and not cheap imitations. The owner and employees are expert, licensed plumbers with real world experience demonstrating a strong technical and operational knowledge of their profession. They seem to be well informed on current technology, equipment and processes of the plumbing profession, and appear to keep up with current practises. They appear to maintain a high level of professional ethics. They are not the cheapest, nor are they the most expensive. They are however, the most professional and efficient of those that charge more and provide less. I have had meetings and some business dealings with Wolf Rooter and have come away very satisfied. I have been in the trades myself and have (and still am) been in close contact with those in the trades, especially the plumbing. In my current position me and my crew perform carpentry, plumbing, etc. in R & D arena.

Mar 2009



  This is a good team

They got a good team here and are well equipped with all of the modern high tech equipments.

Jul 2011



  J. Praster

This company has done several plumbing repairs and faucet installations for us. Their work is excellent and theyre a completely reliable company. I would recommend them to anyone for any plumbing-related work.

Mar 2009


robin king

  Best plumbing service, great customer service, the price was very resonable

Wolf Rooter came to my apartment and unclogged my kitchen sink, but in addition to that they were able to figure out why the sink was backing up all the time and told the owner how to repair it because the owner likes to do his own work and save money. Wolf Rooter was the only company that was able to resolve the problem. They are very courteous and polite and very professional company.

Mar 2009


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