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small town girl 1959

  Bad Management

While in danville with family , we stopped at this store , you guys need to do something about how your managers treat there employees, they talk to them like there dogs , no resecpt at all , including other mangers. there was a manger on duty named Marty Ford, she was being very rude to customers , and the crew were talked to like dogs , also another manager by the name of Eric was yelling at a crew member infront of customers......this concerns me , and i will never stop at this store again ..Thanks but no thanks

Jul 2010


you suck raw

  one f**** pissed off custmer

this store has no respect for their custmers or their co-workers hope you get shut down you need to retrain you store mangers

Jul 2010


treated un fairly


came into the store and oberserved and seen a manager who was injured and should have not been there, if this how you treat your managers makes me wonder how you run your store.this is illegal and so are half your workers,Also your mangers yelling at the crew infront of customers .theres something wrong with this picture.i will not be returing to this store and will go out of my way to avoid this place ........

Jul 2010


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