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Gary Michaels, CDE. Certified Document Examiner. Court Qualified Forensic Document Examination of All Documents. Handwriting Identification. Document Investigation. Over 35 Years working for those that are Wrongfully Accused of Forgery and Foreclosed on by Predatory Lenders and Illegal Collection Tactics. Specialty in MERS- Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Forgeries and Fraud and Illegal Foreclosures. Affordable Fee Hourly. Call Now for Help for any Signature that you Suspect is Forged. Suspect Signatures: Fake Authored Signature(s). Document Tampering: Document Manipulation. Family Disputes: Death of a Loved One. Land Ownership Inheritance: Wills or Holographic Wills. Anonymous Notes or Letters. Derogatory Remarks: Employers or Employees. Medical Malpractice: A Physician's Altered Signature. Age of Paper

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