Crestwood Condominiums
10026 Holly Ln, Des Plaines, IL, 60016


Locally owned and operated. See us for all your needs.

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  Safe & clean

new management, beautiful landscaping, summer pool, quiet & clean... maybe it wasn't good place to live in the past but what we see now it's very dissent, just come & see...

Jun 2014



  TERRIBLE, Don't let them lie to you!!

THIS PLACE SUCKS! Sandy and her bogus management team. All they want is your money. They don't care how their apartments are kept, they just want to fill the roach infested spaces. I lived there for 3 months and that was the worse three months of my life. This place is disgusting. The smells that travel through are horrific. They post these bogus ads on Craigslist and using pictures of their OFFICE to pose as one of their units. There is trash and crime and NOISE! This place is more like Hellwood instead. I wish you could rate it with ZERO stars because that's what this place is a ZERO! Whatever you do, don't move into the 10096 building...roaches, roaches and roaches. If you like a place where your kids CAN'T play and ride their bikes without being run over by speeding cars in the parking lot, a place where management DOESN'T do their job and a sexual predator lives just a couple of doors down, then this IS the place just for you. Where do I start; should I start with my roommates, the roaches, whom overran the place? No? How about the missing or torn screens in the cracked windows; the air conditioner that only keeps the living room cool; the NUMEROUS written and verbal complaints that I have made that have gone ignored continuously? How about the Police running through the courtyard chasing criminals? No? How about the guy who lives downstairs whose bit bull sh*ts in his house and makes the hallway of the building smell like the monkey-house at the zoo on a hot day! This place sucks. The management is a pathetic JOKE, the hallways are nasty, Sandy and Megan (who looks more like a MAN-gan) and FAST PROPERTIES does nothing except take your rent FAST. Here's how you know this place is disgusting. When I called the health department (oh yea, it was that bad) the rep on the phone knew her (Sandy) name and the name of the complex before I even told her my address! All I did was tell her the issues I was having and my city and the rep knew EXACTLY who I was talking about. She said "I wouldn't let my dog live there!" And neither am I, I am outta here, this place is just a Chicago Westside in the suburbs

Jul 2013



  good place to live...

More police, better maintenance, cleaner property. The office responds quickly. I do not see many problems nowadays. Police have increased their presence so most troublemakers left and haven't come back.

Jan 2013


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