Lamars Donuts
11804 E Oswego St, Englewood, CO, 80112
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LaMars donuts are the ultimate indulgence, purely heaven, tender and airy, sinfully good, fit for a king.


  The Best Donuts & Service in town

I work unusual hours and drive by Laura's Donuts every day. The store opens at 5:30 AM. Laura and her staff are always smiling, friendly and remember your name. Their service is impecable and they product is always fresh. Regardless of what I order, I am never disappointed. I stop by 3-4 times as week because it is one of the few locations open early in the morning and because, regardless of when I arrive, the service and product is always excellent!

Mar 2010


randy stanton

  Lamars Donuts Outdone!

This may be the best donut shop in the state and is definitely the best I have ever had. This used to be a Lamars and now it is everything great about Lamars plus no boundries. For example I ordered a bear claw the size of a small car tire and it was less than $2.00. But it was not made with applesauce it had real chuncks of real apple! The quality is off the charts. The owners are serving you and are passionate about donuts. Imagine that! I higly recommend trying them out!

Dec 2009



  Best Donuts in Denver!

Lara's has the best donuts in the Denver Area. There is an amazing selection, and they all taste great. They are made fresh early, and often sell out, so get there early. They close (depending on the day) from noon - 2pm. They have regular sized donuts, but for about $2.30 you can get huge specialty donuts. These are the best, and no-one else in town makes them like this. Cinnamon rolls and bear claws and apple fritters are great.

Jul 2012



  Great donuts, when you can get what you want and not what they want you to buy.

I have to say I miss the days when this location was a Lamar's. While Lora's donuts are good, the main issue is actually getting the kind of Donut you want. I mean, isn't that the reason we all drag ourselves out of bed, get in our car in our pajamas and hit the drive thru? We are craving that certain, sweet goodness. However, at Lora's, you're sure not to find it. At least, not unless you're there at 5am. The new owner/operator doesn't seem to grasp the concept of "supply and demand", at least in my eyes. When I roll in at 9am looking for the delicious devil's food cake or the lucious blueberry cake and am met with, "Sorry, we've been out of those since 6am", I feel angry. How is it that your best selling donuts are gone by about the same time everyday and what you're left with is the "crap" that they then try to sell you anyway. If your highest demand is for a few select flavors then here's a novel idea, make more of those! We don't want high pressure sells to buy the left overs, simply so you don't have to throw them out. We want what we want and if that means you should adjust your calculations so that you've still got those delicious high demand flavors left at say, 9am; then do it! It's not rocket science. Seriously fed up with this donut shop.

Mar 2011



  Unreal Donuts

I have never seen a donut that big in my life! Big doesnt always mean better. In this case it does! I bought 2 dozen for the office and everyone that had one raved about it for the next week. VERY GOOD!!!

Jul 2010



  Bakers not Baristas

It's a rainy day today, so I brought my son to Lora's this morning so that we could get some coffee (for myself and my wife at home) and some hot chocolate for him. We went inside so that we could get a better look at the coffee menu, and after waiting in line for about five minutes and waiting for our drinks for ten, I got our drinks and was told there were no drink holders. So I was sent out trying to balance three hot drinks in one hand and my son in the other. Needless to say, the drinks all ended up in the parking lot and on my jacket. I returned the cups to the blank stares of the young employees behind the counter and headed home empty handed, $9 poorer. Lora's donuts may be great, but stick to Caribou down the street for your coffee.

Jun 2010


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