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Carpet Cleaning Above And Beyond use the industrys most advanced truck-mounted carpet cleaning system, which will remove ground-in soil and revive your ca


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Above And Beyond Carpet Cleaning is a company of professionals that truly exemplifies the meaning of their name. This is a local business that offers a unique and essential service at a very competitive price. Furthermore, while having clean carpet is aesthetically pleasing, it also helps to preserve and increase the value of a home. Having clean carpet invokes a healthy home. After having completed a major renovation project of my home, I am finally able to relax and enjoy the fruit of my labor. Anyone who's ever taken on a major project like home updating, knows, it's a tedious and expensive task. Moreover, while many of the objectives for the project were completed, there were certain projects that needed to be sacrificed or changed due to financial limitation. Unfortunately, the pool and private tennis court will be delayed for another twenty years to never... After long hours at the dinner table deliberating with my wife about what projects needed the most attention, we reached an agreeable compromise. The house would, indeed, get new: exterior paint; re-painting indoors; kitchen and bathroom renovation; new windows and other miscellaneous projects. I didn't get the new jacuzzi that I wanted; however, we made a decision to keep the existing carpet, which we replaced three years ago. A friend of ours recommended that instead of replacing our carpets, we might be better off to just have them cleaned professionally. Thus, began the search for a company that not only offered a professional service; moreover, a competitive price that would fit within my tight budget. You've heard the statement, %u201CYou get what you pay for?%u201D right? Yeah, me too. However, because I was working with limited funds, my hope was to find a company where %u201Cless is more%u201D. After receiving five different quotes from five different carpet cleaning services, I decided to call and request an estimate from one more cleaning service. Jerry at Above And Beyond Carpet Cleaning not only showed up on time, he was very courteous and professional, too. Jerry explained the in's and out's of why it's important to maintain carpet. He explained that clean carpet actually contributes to a healthier home by eradicating unwanted airborne soils that get trapped deep within the fibers of the carpet. %u201CYour carpet is like a giant filter, and just like a vacuum cleaner 's bag, when it's full, it doesn't work very well%u201D. He went on to explain how this can affect the occupants of their home with allergies and breathing problems. Problems that even affect sleep. Jerry was so personable, that upon my curiosity of his %u201Chuge%u201D machine (the %u201CTruck-mount%u201D engine that heats the water and chemicals and creates vacuum suction used to extract and clean), he explained and showed me all the intricacies of how such a unique piece of equipment works. Considering that I work with the public myself (sales), I was impressed with Jerry's friendly interaction and knowledge. Furthermore, after he did a quick, but thorough evaluation of my carpet, he stated that he could, indeed, clean and restore the aesthetic look of my carpet for a very competitive price. Needles to say, I hired him! Bright and early the very next day, Jerry with Above And Beyond Carpet Cleaning showed up at my front door ready to start the process of giving my carpets a deep cleaning. I don't think it even took him two hours to complete the entire job! We're talking about a 2500 Sq Ft. home with four bedrooms, a hallway, stairs, living room, family room and even a carpeted bonus room! The carpet was so clean, it looked new! I am so impressed by all the attention to detail, too. For example, he cleaned in places you don't normally see (inside closets and tight spots) and he even moved

Mar 2011


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