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BEDBUGS at Cash Liquidators at Moore's Mill, also known as You Can Afford More, LLC I bought a headboard from Cash Liquidations at Moore's Mill (they sell used hotel furniture) on March 9th 2012, and it was infested with bedbugs. I had been discovering bites on my hands, arms, and face every morning but thought it was from being outside by the pool. After two months of losing sleep for waking up to the itching, I called an exterminator and a dermatologist. My husband threw the headboard out in the yard, and the exterminator discovered bedbugs in it on May 11th, almost two months to the day since I bought it. There were adult bedbugs living inside a hole between the "tree branch" design of the wood. Since the headboard was removed, the glue traps that the exterminator set in the house have only netted one adult and one nymph, just underneath where the headboard was located, but I am still being bitten, just not nearly as often. I spoke to "Harvey" at Cash Liquidations, and he said just what I figured they would say, that they could have come from anywhere, but I didn't have them before I bought the headboard, and I started getting bitten almost immediately after installing it. A friend went back over there yesterday, and they are still selling that same headboard, and more than likely whatever hotel they came from, the rest of the furniture and bedding they are selling from that hotel is also infested. At any rate, my first bedbug treatment is scheduled for June 1st and should cost around $500 to do my bedroom only. If any bedbugs have spread in the meantime (one nymph means there are probably hundreds more somewhere), then to eradicate the bedbugs in my entire house will cost over $1500. Preparation for the treatment is unbelievably extensive, which includes taking apart my other furniture, removing books, papers, knick-knacks, etc., buying laundry baskets for all said items to be treated, not to mention hot water, electricity, detergent, etc. for laundering all of the clothes, bedding, curtains, draperies, linens, chair covers, tablecloths, linen napkins, etc., plus the cost of dry-cleaning all the clothes hanging in the closets. It will also cost me a night's stay in a hotel the day they do the treatment, plus time lost from work that day. Even worse, my mental state from loss of sleep due to being bitten every night is pretty fragile. I wake up at 2am every morning and can't go back to sleep. I itch constantly, I have the heebie jeebies all the time, to the point where if the wind blows the hair on my arms, I slap at my arms or legs. I feel creepy crawlies in my hair, even though I know bedbugs don't like hair. I'm constantly checking my clothes & furniture for bedbugs. Then there's the scarring from the bites, and the dermatologist says there's nothing that they can do about it, which also cost me time from work and a $50 co-pay. Some of our friends and family have even ostracized us and won't come over for fear

May 2012


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