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  Completely Fixed my home network, in 1 visit

Once and a while, my computer would freeze. I new their was a problem when I got a message on my computer that it was infected by viruses. That day, my friend complained that their downloading was really slow. I recently had my LCD screen fixed at a local store in Garden Grove by the name Computech. They also have a full service center (TV repair, Virus cleanup, Network Support,Laptop Repair), and were able to come to my house within an hour. The technician troubleshooted the slowdown to a nasty trojan downloader that was installed on my friends computer. This made the very Internet slow. They cleaned the system and installed protection software that works very well. The laptop apparently had a failing hard drive. He was able to give me a failure code that I could use to get a warranty replacement. Since the drive was only 80Gigs, I opted for an upgrade to a 120. Im not sure what I will do with the 80Gig drive if Hitachi honors the warranty.

Sep 2009


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