A & A Truck & Auto Service
410 W Oak Ln Ste 1, Glenolden, PA, 19036


A & A Truck and Auto services are here to solve your any automotive problems. We do complete auto repairing for your vehicle.


MON: 08:00am - 06:00 pm

TUE: 08:00am - 06:00 pm

WED: 08:00am - 06:00 pm

FRI: 08:00am - 06:00 pm


safety inspection, engine replacement, transmission replacement, engine exchange, emission inspection, auto body repair, auto collision repair

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  A & A Truck & Auto Service

My car had begun to age.The engines,transmissions and differentials begun to wear out and needed attention.In that case,A & A Truck & Auto Service helped me get rid of the problem.They installed a new engine for me and ensure that any problem with it I can return it to them.But it is the fourth year I have been using the car without any problem.Thank you A & A.

Aug 2013


veronica canfield

  A & A Truck & Auto Service

A & A Trucks & Auto Service repaired my car very well... My car keeps blowing fuses so i took it to A & A Trucks & Auto Service they made my car perfect now... I am really happy with there service and the price were also reasonable really great Auto Service provider!!!!!!!!

Jul 2013



  Effective Service

It's tough to find a service center that you can trust, but A & A Auto and Truck has proven over and over. A and A provides with you with complete truck and auto service. I tool my car there for replacing brakes. I was very pleased with the service provided. The work was done quickly and they charged me with fair amount. The owners along with the entire crew were friendly. The entire crew was well trained. Nice reliable service. Knowledgeable owner with excellent customer service.

Oct 2013


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