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105 SW Greenville Blvd, Greenville, NC, 27834
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Launched in Fayetteville, NC in 2004, Trade It! has grown to five full-service stores in NC, as well as 2 mall-based, gold-buying kiosks. Trade It is expanding and further store openings will be announced soon.Located in Greenville, NC, were more than your typical pawn shop or second hand store. Trade It Stores are upscale, well-located, modern retail outlets servicing a much needed niche in the marketplace. At Trade It we still practice the art of customer service. Our buyers purchase quality pre-owned merchandise from customers and then our customer service team sells those items at prices everyone can afford.We buy and sell: Jewelry Scrap gold Electronics-including computers, laptops and televisions Watches Musical Instruments-including guitars Car audio Cameras and camcordersTrade It! is changing consumer perceptions of the second hand industry by the systematic application of modern retailing practices, professional management techniques and high ethical standards. Trade It! stores strive to be as professional, well-appointed, and customer service oriented as the very best retailers of new goods.Call Trade It today when you are ready to buy it, sell it, and love it!


Pawn Musical Instruments, Pawn Watches, Pawn Jewelry, Pawn Computers, Pawn Collectibles, Pawn Shops, Pawn Tools

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  Best place to buy or sell stuff!

I have been shopping at the Trade it store ever since they opened, and I have bought a lot of good stuff and saved a lot of money. Everything always worked fine except I bought an XBOX 360 and it stopped working after a couple weeks but when I returned it they didn't give me any hassles at all. The service is almost always very friendly and good, although they used to have a girl who worked there who wasn't very helpful but I think she is gone now. I recently put a ring on layaway for my fiancee and have been making the layaway payments by trading in older stuff that I am not using, and I think they pay better than a pawnshop. I recommend Trade It to all my friends.

May 2010



  Like a Pawn Shop

This place is similar to a pawn shop. But the hours are better for the working folks. People are friendly. Be sure to keep track of serial numbers on your electronics, tools, and other valuables. They may end up on the shelves of Trade It when a thief trades them in. Trade It keeps good records of what people bring them and it is a good resource for second hand tools and electronics. The sales staff is friendly and they are not pushy. They will let you trade in items for cash. It's also a good place for a thief to make a quick buck by trading in your stuff. Keep your items locked and serial numbers of everything that is of any value to you. Take pictures of your jewelry and valuables as well. This is a reputable company and offers good value to the consumer. Serial numbers will make it easier for Trade It to work with authorities that are looking for stolen goods.

Mar 2011



  Terrible Service!

My husband purchased a video game from the Greenville, NC location as a gift for me. Once we returned home (5 hours away from the location) I put the game in the station and it would not work. We tried on multiple stations and the game would not load. When I called the store to speak with the manager I was put on hold for 10 minutes before I hung up and called back. I was again put on hold by the same associate, who then told me here manager, Jackie, would not speak to me and would not do anything to help. When I asked for a phone number to corporate or someone that would help me she refused to give me the information and told me it could be found online. I realize a faulty video game is a fairly minor issue, but the lack of customer service and the blatant rudeness I received while trying to address my concerns was inappropriate and offensive. I was still living in Greenville when that store first opened up and spent countless hours over the years buying and trading from them, but after this experience I have no desire to set foot in that store again.

Oct 2015


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