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I had a terrible experience at the Gresham Brake Team. I took my car in to have the rear brake pads replaced. They told me they were going to be replacing a number of other things, for a total cost of $850. My mechanic father went with me to pick my car up, and he looked at some of the parts the Brake Team mechanics took off of my car. My father said the parts didn't look like they needed to be replaced in the first place. For $850, I would hope the Brake Team employees would make sure the parts actually needed to be replaced. In addition, when I received my car there were severe scratches on the front wheel and side mirror, as well as on the paint. Although my brakes were replaced on my car, I have concerns that the mechanics may have compromised the master cylinder, which caused the brake pedal to sag very low, much lower than it was before. I took my car back to Brake Team to have them try to raise the pedal, but the manager said there was nothing he could do. I have heard other people say they had the same issues with Brake Team. I emailed Brake Team about my issues, but have not received any correspondence in the month since I took my car in. I would NOT recommend this business. Take your car somewhere else.

Oct 2011


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