J T Quality Auto Repair
4141 Windsor Spring Rd, Hephzibah, GA, 30815
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  J T Quality Auto Repair

I had my vehicle serviced at this shop. I have never had as bad of an experience as I did. My vehicle was repair with parts from Pull-a-part, then I was charged with procedures the owner claimed he had did. After all of the lies and over pricing I have been trying to get him to finish the repair. I have called this man well over 50 times begging this man to repair my vehicle. I was not able to notice what he had done in the beginning because of the side ways engine and most of the repair was at the fire wall. I think my next step is to call the police and get a lawyer. Please do not have this business service your vehicle. The price you will pay after this company has finished their work is sicking.

Oct 2011


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