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  The Wong Way is the Right Way!!

I am a retired police officer from England. I enforced traffic law for 18 out 31 years of service and I was a trained fast response driver. I found the Wong Way Driving Academy by sheer luck but I am so glad I did. I would like to commend the Academy for the professional and courteous manner of the proprietor Mr Steve Wong. It is obvious he has a great enthusiasm for his role and a total belief in the importance of what he is doing. He imparts his instruction in a relaxed manner without losing any of the seriousness of the job in hand. I am 63 but Steve was able to quickly smooth my 'rough edges' and prepare me for my driving test here in Honolulu. I would certainly recommend the 'Wong Way' for anyone young or old. Steve has a firm belief in what he is doing and an ability to convey his instruction with great relevance to the ever increasing traffic congestion we all experience. He is a true 'professional' in every sense of the word and Steve....thanks once again!

Mar 2010



  The Best Driving Instructor for EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!

Aloha from the mainland! I took driving lessons from Wong Way Driving Academy in a hurry. I was due to move back to the Mainland in six weeks and I knew I had to do it after I saw the sign posted. Since Im 27, all I had to do was study for the test to get my permit and begin lessons soon thereafter. I took only 5 lessons and received my license. Now, I wouldnt recommend just taking only that amount and thinking youre a pro, because thats not possible. However, he gave me all the techniques and skills I needed to build from a solid foundation. I highly recommend taking lessons from Wong Way Academy if youre either 16 or 76.

Mar 2009


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