MI Encanto/ Dominican Salon
2106 Triana Blvd, Huntsville, AL, 35805


Dominican / Spanish Salon



I decided to go to this salon and get my hair done. I was disrespected and treated quite poorly. I was a walk-in and told that this was O.K. When I talked with the stylist she told me that I would need to wait 30 minutes to get my hair done. I was O.K. with this, but when she did my hair she did not really ask me how I wanted to have my hair styled she shampooed my hair did not ask me if I wanted her to use conditioner. Typically, and as advertised, Dominican stylist will wash and set your hair prior to blow drying it. After she washed my hair, she did not roller set it. Furthermore, all stylist are typically taught that you blow dry the hair without burning the scalp. I thought, at first, that she might have a accidentally hurt my scalp but she repeatedly did this and observed my facial expression to see if it was hurting me till she actually brought me to tears! At this point I let her know that I did not want to continue to have my hair done. To make matters worse, she charged me 50 dollars which is well above the 35 advertised. I questioned her as to why she did this and she said my hair was really long. My hair is a little past my shoulders and is not really thick. I felt disrespected and robbed! To be honest, I was looking for a permanent stylist and was planning on telling several friends about the salon but after this experience I thought it would be best to let others know about how unprofessional the stylists at MI Encanto are. I hope they realize that they are running a business and can't treat a customer any way they choose. I hope they will decide to provide others with better service in the future or not provide this service at all!

Nov 2013


mi encanto beauty salon

  Mi Encanto/ Dominican Salon

More and more African-American women, have heard about Dominican salons and they are loving it!We use special techniques that are more gentle for your hair. Come try the best hair-straightening techniques.

Jan 2012


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