Diamond Ranch Academy
433 S Diamond Ranch Pkwy, Hurricane, UT, 84737


Diamond Ranch Academy is a leading Youth Residential Treatment Center for teens ages 12 to 18. We are a therapeutic boarding school with a private school.


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  Recommended by our psychologist

DRA was recommended by our consulting psychologist after therapy and home counseling wasn't effective. An hour a week wasn't enough, and we couldn't do it at home. The environment at DRA is what drew us to them over the other one we were considering. We were worried about the stigma of a troubled teen program and this one seemed to not have the sad, lonely feeling of the others. We just attended the parent 201 seminar at DRA with all of the other parents. What an experience for us to learn with our son side by side and see what he has done first hand. We can't wait for him to come home!

Jan 2014



  Thank you for all you do!

Thank you, DRA, for all you do to help the young people of the world to have a fighting chance to be successful. Brian (s.) is doing well and we continue to be impressed with your program as we see the daily comments from parents and former students on facebook and the blogs! Keep it up!!!!!!

Jan 2012


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