Thrift Shop-Hospital Auxiliary
25 Main St N, Hutchinson, MN, 55350
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  Nieces Wedding

My nieces wedding day was August 8, 2009. I went to my nieces bridal shower. My mom showed my aunt and myself her dress. And I brought my mom the outfit that I was going to wear. She said this looks too old. My mom wanted me to look good for Angis wedding. So I went looking a one of the thrift stores in town, nothing there. So I headed to this one instead. I was in there once before. I told the lady I needed help finding a dress for my nieces wedding. I was advised to have this one assistance, she was also did alterations, for many years that was a bonus for me. I had tried on some dresss but no luck. Then I found this dress a size 22, and I tried it on, it was just a little tight. I advised the sales lady that I was on a tight budget and only could afford a small amount. The tag said $129.00, new, the new price was $40.00, no disc. The sales lady came back and said I could get for $25.00. I was so happy to get the dress. I called my mom and told her, she bought me a shirt and a skirt for me to wear. When I went back to the twin cities, I stopped at moms and showed her the dress, she liked it, and so did my girlfriend and her mom. I saw my sister and told her she looked beautiful, and she told me I looked beautiful too. I had a picture taken with my sister at the reception. Its the best picture I have ever taken with my sister. Now I just need to lose some weight, and lucky for me I also know how to sew. I had a lot of fun at the wedding where, I did cry, my niece looked so beautiful, and happy. I was told the dress looked great on me, and hearing that even made the day better. I will be going back to the store and buying more dresss, because this store does have a lot of beautiful things in there. And sometimes you just need to pay more to get good items. You get what you pay for. The service is awesome, and I really enjoyed myself while I was there. I will be bringing in pictures to the ladies to see.

Sep 2009



  Great customer service from friendly people

This shop has a great history and has donated monies to Hutchinsons hospital, ambulances, fire department, and many other causes over the years. However, it is antiquated and overstocked with old, overpriced items. The management needs to look for ways to clear out "antiques" that dont sell and get back to the basics of what a thrift shop is supposed to be about--the people who shop there. It needs new ideas to keep up with todays world.

Nov 2008


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