Anita Lang Walch ESQ
574 Newark Ave Ste 204, Jersey City, NJ, 07306


Bankruptcy Lawyer

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mary from jersey city

  Anita Lang Walch ESQ

She is an unfit lawyer in my opinion. Very dishearting experience. I first went to see her at 646 Newark Avenue, Jersey City and when I went back she was evicted from the office. At the time she gave a story she didn't like the office. Excuse after excuse why the papers were not prepared. Then she blamed her son Matthew and a worker named Mike. I requested a refund but no response. She moved to 574 Newark Avenue, Jersey City. Then she got evicted from that address. The telephone number 201 795-5530 (disconnected)!Very fatiguing that a lawyer is living from hand to mouth. She should treat the clients better because she should understand how it feels.

Feb 2012


diana w

  Anita Lang Walch ESQ

Why are so many people saying negative things about attorney Anita Lang Walch? To start, she has received so many individual client complaints with the NJ Office of Attorney Ethics that they moved the investigation to the Trenton office. The ethics violations are numerous. The people she harmed are mostly seniors, minority and the poor. Anyone that wants to check these facts can contact the New Jersey Office of Attorney Ethics. They have a website with a phone numbers. Many of us hope this will be the end of your sad legal career. Do the right thing and refund the money to the clients.

Mar 2012


johnny d

  Anita Lang Walch ESQ

It is very troubling to write about Anita Walch. A lawyer who takes money from clients that have serious money problems and neglects them, is like a doctor mistreating the sick in their care. Why Ms. Walch went after the poor and elderly I will never understand. My guess with the fast non-stop talking, very thin appearance and rambling gibberish conversations is that its much more then strong coffee. How can she harm the poor like this. I'm struggling day to day and Anita Lang Walch saw me as a way to get money to pay her "coffee problem" if you know what I mean! Took the money and never contacted me, ran from calls and never returned the messages left. The last problem a person wants is a lawyer out of control. What can you do, sue a lawyer for money? Good luck. When a lawyer hurts a client in my condition they have no heart or have some serious problem. All those years of school studying law and she does this to me. What did she learn in school. How do I ever trust another lawyer. Get money back or find a place to turn for help. Her office number is turned off the office closed. Who knows where she can be found.

Jan 2012


bb and cb of jersey city

  Anita Lang Walch ESQ

A very bad experience. Never would return calls or letters. Refused to refund my money after not filing the bankruptcy petition I hired her to complete. I filed an attorney ethics complaint against her with the NJOEA. I know there are other complaints filed. Information on her is available on the NJ Attorney Ethics Website under Public Complaints and History. This is a bad attorney who needs to be suspended for neglect of my case. BB and CB of Jersey City, NJ. PLEASE DO RESEARCH ONLINE WHEN SELECTING A LAWYER.

Oct 2011


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