Strictly Feathers
4689 Old Broadway St, Knoxville, TN, 37918




  Debbie Bruce

I have been in Strictly Feathers many times over since I bought a 8 week old green cheek conure and a 6 month old Sun conure. I buy all my food and supplies there. They have been extemely helpful in my questions. I will always use them and love looking at their beautiful birds they have. Great Job Everyone there and thanks!!!

Aug 2009


pink butterfly

  The finest bird store in Tennessee you need to check it out!!!

If its a bird or bird supplies you need then you need to go to Strickley Feathers. You will never see a unhappy or sick bird there. The owner really cares about her birds. She talks to them, plays music for them, and makes sure they have all that they need every day. There is no other animals there that might make a bird sick. I have bought birds there and they are all healthy. You can take them back for a free wing clip for life. The owner is a very caring person. She is always helpful with advice on taking care of any breed of bird. I can not ever just go in and get bird food and leave, I have to go through and look at and talk to all the beautiful birds she has. Most the time one or more of them will be talking back to me and its so hard to leave. I have been in other pet stores and I think when it comes to birds and supplies Strickley Feathers is the best!!!!

Aug 2008



  Wheres the birds?

I had raised American Singer Canaries for several years and decided to go to Strickly Feathers to purchase a pair. First I was told that there was no canaries available and to check back later. This is understandable considering the rarity of canaries. After several visits I was shown 2 green canaries without bands for $99.00 each. I decided to continue to look and upon coming back I was then told the price was $199.00 each. Needless to say I did not purchase these birds. Each subsequence visit when asking about the birds on display was told that one is not for sale or you cant afford that bird. I was not the only person that was told about the affordability of the birds. I heard her tell others that they could not afford her birds. Bought one cage after several times of checking for the new shipment and it was broke. Ive not been back. I currently own about 30 canaries of various color and song.

Feb 2009


david the fisherman


Started going to Strickly Feathers about a year ago, upon a friends advice to see Gwen before buying a bird. I did and have been going ever since, I now have a cockatiel (Frosty) and a parrotlet (Jade) what a great place. No matter what questions you have she knows the answer, to get the best experience from having a bird for a pet. They have all the foods and supplies that you need to keep your bird healthy and happy. If your thinking of buying a bird, no matter the size this is the place to go. The parrotlet I have cost me $120 out the door she is so cute. Stop by and look the experience is worth the stop. David

Sep 2009


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