AJ Tattoo
1873 US Highway 1, Lawrence Township, NJ, 08648
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  The best tattoo shop period.

From the moment I walked in I was greeted with a friendly and knowledgeable artist. I had a feeling of calm, not my usual nervousness. I discussed what I wanted, the artist gave his suggestions. I was in the chair, then I was done. I will recommend AJ Tattoo to everyone I know.

Sep 2010



  AJ Tattoo

Two good experiences, but one horrible one. Had an appointment with AJ, the owner,he didn't show up, the others working said they couldn't reach him. I wasted two hours, returned to the shop, and they cursed me, threatened me, and were menacing. They threatened to call the police. A very unprofessional place with no concern for the value of anyone's time but their own. They acted like thugs. Who would want to do any future business there? I'm going to file complaints with the appropriate agencies that regulate such businesses. They have some talented people on staff, but who needs this unprofessionalism and attitude? A simple phone call from AJ indicating he couldn't keep the appointment would have prevented the problem, but instead, the threatening behavior of his staff will cost him any future business from me and my friends. Amazing how some businesses treat repeat customers. You would think they would value them, instead, when they fail to live up to their responsibilities to keep appointments or at least show the courtesy of cancelling them with proper advance notice, they threaten you and curse you. Businesses like this deserve to fail.

Dec 2012


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