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stacey scott

  the best behavioral service around mid-west

The staff at Pathways are wonderful. They really care about your sobriety. Warrensburg was the one I went to. The cook Brenda is great. They have the best food against any other Rehab center. The counclers, Doug, Misty, Tim, Chuck,Chris are wonderful. I love Chuck & Tim & Doug the best. The techs are very caring as well. I have referred other addicts to this particular Pathways. I actually brag on how good they are. The field trips, when you get them, are fun. I do not smoke, but they are the very few centers that do let you ( 4 a day) even get them. If you do your time and really show you are there to learn, they also treat you with respect. They do not treat you like they are better than them. They understand. A lot of them have had an addiction of some sort at one time or another. You can talk to them at any time, they will take time out of thier heavy schedule to help if they can. If they do not have the answer, they will find it usually that day.They have let me come back 3 times after relapses and never judged me or frowned on me. They will just say ths time we will find what you are looking for, I am glad you are back. I am an alcoholic only, but it makes no difference what you are there for, they treat you the same way. They go by the rules, but if you are there to really get better, the rules are good, fair rules. They give you thier respect if you give them yours. And I do not see how you cannot respect these guys, because they are there for you. They do not get paid enough for what they do. I would reccomend this Pathways to anyone wanting to get better. They are the best. Unfortunately, I have been to 2 other centers before finding Pathways, but it definately paid off. I believe if I did not find Pathways, I would probably be dead now. They never gave up on me.I can still call, or come by if I need support, or I just need a friend. Thier ears are open 24/7. I like going to the AA meetings in Warrensburg on Tuesday night mainly because that is Pathways night to be there and I like to see them and talk to them. They always ask you how you are because they care. I highly recomend them if you need help Way to go Pathways! you always have me and my boyfriend and family in your corner. My family brags on you to. They feel exactly like I do. My family puts Warrensburg high up on 5 stars also! Thank you for helping me. Stacey

Mar 2010


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