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1201 W 5th St Ste T310, Los Angeles, CA, 90017
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Introducing HollywoodPaws, a Los Angeles based animal entertainment management company dedicated to cultivating dog and animal actors and teaching their owners to become professional dog or animal trainers. Our workshops address dog behavior problems. We offer dog training basics, dog behavior training and dog obedience training in our schools. You can become a professional dog trainer.

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  Be careful with Hollywood Paws ( Dont waste your time!

If you are stopped by a person in the street that tells you "how a cute dog you have..." and then invites you for an Casting or Audition for your dog, just be aware that they main interest is to SELL YOU A TRAINING PROGRAM FOR YOUR DOG that will cost you $6000 dollars!. If they get you a job for your pet or not, itd be probably the same chance for any waiter in Los Angeles to become Brad Pitt!. They seem to be a legal Pet Agency business but since they may be not very good at it, they use they spare time to trick pet owners into buying a training plan. So, unless you really want to train your pet with them, dont waste your time.

Mar 2009



  Dog Training Pet Talent Agency

I agree with the review only to a certain point. yes Hollywood Paws does offer training and yes the training class will cost money like any other training class(the most expensive is $6000 they have ones for much less and do budget plans for dogs they like). I initially came to hollywood paws for training but stuck with it to see what would happen and have worked on a few productions since. There are a lot of people that come in just for the production side of things but what ive witnessed is that theres a lot more than just having a cute face, these dogs are reallllly well trained. Everyone knows dogs cant speak English and will need training if you dont want your dog kicked off set (its happened before and ive seen it).

Oct 2009


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