Lakeview Apartments
1327 Lake Blvd, Marion, OH, 43302
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  Your business is everyone's business

If you like your business discussed with other tenants than this is the place to live. The property manager loves to share with others that are living there who hasn't paid and how many days the tenant is behind, who's being evicted and is very racist. Just look around the property and count how many minorities there are ( maybe one or two). She's very unprofessional when it comes to dealing with something that doesn't go her way, her way of dealing is in your face and tries to intimidate you, dropping the "f" word in a business situation. As far as the property it self, it's a perfect place to live...very affordable and great location. I will say that Donna does keep the property clean and the apartments are in great condition when you move in. I learned at the time of moving in to make sure everything was paid on time, because before I even signed my lease I could tell you who was late, who was being evicted, and who wasn't going to be moving name. I've always been told..those who talk to you, talk about you.

Apr 2011


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