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j.n. taylor

  World Famous Auto

IF you make the mistake of buying a vehicle from these people, make very sure the car is in true working order. Air conditioning did not work - okay. Gave us a good price and we agreed to pay for the "repairs." There was nothing to repair. Took the car to a certified mechanic and he discovered the following: Not only was the compressor missing, the hoses had been cut, the bracket was removed and a shorter fan belt was installed to continue running the vehicle. Estimated cost - $1300.00. So much for a good price. They denied any knowledge of this. Their mechanic had checked the vehicle and supposedly did not notice the missing parts. The mechanic we took it to for the repairs, raised the hood and IMMEDIATELY saw the problem. Purchasing the vehicle "as is", we had no recourse at all. Good price aside, we still feel we were taken. NEVER AGAIN!!!! BUYER BEWARE.

Aug 2012



  I would NOT recommend buying a car at WFA!

The service at World Famous Autos is horrible. We had a car repossessed when the payment was not late and not even due. In fact, the payments were never late. The repo person showed false documents, they refused to give us our personal belongings from inside the vehicle. Additionally, they never mailed a notice of sale, which is required by law! This website can help consumers who have had similar experiences.

Jan 2011



  So far a great place to buy a used auto

Ive bought my fair share of used rigs. And I definetly know World Famous in Medford is a top contender. I first got the suggestion to buy from them from my cousin which has bought 4 or 5 cars from them the past 10 years. Well my story is that I bought a 03 Dodge 1500 for a fair price. Well, 29 days later the transmission loses third gear. I brought back the truck and without any problems they gave me a loaner and put my truck in the shop. A couple weeks later, it was done and I picked it up with no hassles, rental fees, or mechanic fees. And, the transmission has a 1 year unlimited miles warranty. Overall, the service is great and so far Im impressed with this company and would recommend them to others.

Aug 2009




I would not recommend purchasing a car from Worlds Famous Auto. They are very friendly when you are buying, but once the contract is signed they are not. I called to ask questions and their general manager was a complete jerk. When I asked to speak with the owner, he was conveniently busy all day. If you purchase a car from them you should keep a bottle of lube handy once the contract is signed.

Mar 2011


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