Crossfit Blueprint
1790 Nw 108th Ave, Miami, FL, 33172


BluePrint Training is a world class facility offering CrossFit, Boot Camp and Personal Training services in Miami.


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  Clean, Well Equipped, and Cross Training

I have been looking for this gym. I was bored with working out. Everyday I was doing the same thing over and over again. I knew there had to be something better. My bargin basement gym was not up to the task. I looked online for a better workout routine. Cross training keep coming up as a new way to work out. I started my search for a gym that offered cross training. My search lead me to BluePrint Training because they offer cross training. I went to try them out. They were nice and showed me around and offered me a deal to try the gym out. I must say I am very happy and I will continue to go to BluePrint. Very professional help and nice people workout there.

Sep 2011



  Workouts At CrossFit Are Not Boring

I started working out at CrossFit after going to another local gym for years. I can't believe the differents it made in my trading. I am in better shape and enjoy going to the gym more now then ever. They change up workouts often and that has made a big change in everything. I go to the gym as often as I can. Because it isn't boring anymore.

Aug 2011



  Cross Training Is Intense

I have been looking for a good gym for some time. I did some research online and read a lot about cross training. It's different workouts all the time. And the workouts are intense at times and not so sometimes. But you can work out less and still maintain you fitness. I started looking for a gym that did cross training. I found BluePrint Training. They do cross training right here in Miami. I am very happy I joined this gym. BluePrint has kept me interested in working out because of the varied workouts. Looking to spending less time in a gym try cross training.

Aug 2011



  Cross Training Has Improved My Workouts

I was getting bored with the gym. The same old exercises every time I went there. A friend at work told me about cross training. Doing different types of workouts just about every time you go to the gym. This sounded like something that could get me interested in going to the gym more often. I heard about cross training being taught at BluePrint Training. I went there, I found the gym clean and well stocked with equipment. The instructors showed me around and made feel comfortable. Other members were friendly and I decided to make the change. It's been three months and I love the cross training plan. Doing different workouts on different days has got me going to the gym more often. My energy level is back up and I feel great. Investigate cross training it may get you going to the gym more.

Jul 2011



  Change Up Workouts Improve Yourself

If you are like me it maybe time to make a change in your workout routines. I was doing the same basic workouts over and over again for years. Bored and about to call it quits I started to look for a new way to exercise. Online I found out about cross training. I searched the Miami for a gym that offered cross training. I found CrossFitBlueprint and went there to find out more. They our the best teachers of cross training. I am very glad I found them and still workout there today.

Sep 2011


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